2009 Gold award  

CAPW-801- ( P P/ivory)

CAPY-802 - ( P P/orange)

CAPP-803 - ( P P/pink)

CAPB-804 - ( P P/light blue)

CAPR-805 - ( P P/red)


2010 Gold award  






ADJUSTABLE CAKE CUTTER (Demo Movie Clip)      
          2009 Taipei INST (Gold Medal Award)          Patented in multiple countries]   

Most people cut cake, with a fragile plastic cake knife to cut, and then insert the knife under to lift up and place to plates. Since the soft and fluffy nature of cakes plus the unmatched size of cake knives, your cake is easily dropped or tilted in the plates in this wobbly way. Cutting cakes is not exactly like a piece of cake. With our invention, “Adjustable Cake Cutter”, apart from these drawbacks, you can also adjust the size to be cut and served. A unique swing bar underneath is designed for supporting the cake securely, while every piece can be easily laid in a plate. And its disassembled design is for easy cleaning. Our products are made of stainless steel #304 or the food grade plastic(P P) in two different sizes. 

SAFETY CUTTING RULER (Demo Movie Clip)      

         2010 Taipei INST (Gold Medal Award)

[Patented in multiple countries]

This creation, one kind of measure ruler with a 'wing', focuses on protecting fingers from hurting especially when A ruler is used for the cutting auxiliary.  The patent design is to place the protection piece into a socket of the ruler. This ‘wing’ may swing out, when needs to cut and may place flat, when uses as a regular ruler.  While the protection piece flips up, it provides great protection on the fingers from the cutting devices. But it stays evenly with the main ruler, when not for cutting. The function is extremely facile. This product includes: 15cm、20cm, 30cm, 45cm, and 60cm, fives kind of specifications.


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